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The United Food and Commercial Workers Union is North America’s largest and strongest private sector union. The UFCW is made up of 1.4 million members — people working together to improve their lives and their future. UFCW members are employed in many different industries, but concentrated in retail food, meatpacking, poultry, and other food processing industries. Whenever American families sit down to share a meal, chances are, most of what they’ll eat has passed through the hands of the more than one million UFCW members who work in these industries.

At the UFCW National Health and Welfare Fund we service only UFCW members, their families and retirees. The Fund, which has been a self insured fund since 1955, was formed to work closely with the International Union through its Negotiated Benefits Department in order to stay in touch with rapidly changing developments affecting the issues and benefits important to our members.

The Fund is governed by the board of Trustees comprised of both labor and management trustees. To see a list of these Trustees and the other professional who serve the fund click here.

We can be contacted at the following address:

UFCW National Health and Welfare Fund

66 Grand Avenue

Englewood, NJ 07631



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