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Dr. Anita Nischal

Dr. Anita Nischal is an experienced Doctor of Integrative Medicine and a specialist in Women’s health and wellness.

She received a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree from Long Island University, as well as a PA certification and later went on to earn a medical degree from University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA) medical school and a PHD- Integrative Medicine. Dr Nischal’s dissertation was an innovative examination of the role Nutrition plays in Immunity and it’s relation to the the reoccurrence of Human Papilloma Virus.

Dr Nischal is a board certified practitioner of Integrative Medicine, she completed her Fellowship at American Academy of Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr Nischal’s 31 years of experience spent in practice includes curriculum development for Wagner College PA program where she pioneered the first course studies focused on Disease Prevention as developed by the CDC. She held a professorship at Wagner College Physician Associate program teaching Preventative Medicine for 5 years.

Dr Nischal is the founder of WHP Wellness- an integrative medicine practice which combines the art and science of healing to address the care of the whole person. She integrates conventional and complementary therapies to promote optional health and to prevent and treat disease by addressing root cause and contributing factors.

Additionally she has pioneered a myriad of vitamin and mineral protocols to assist members in navigating and understanding the role that ideal nutrition plays in optimizing homeostasis in the mind and body.

She has authored several publications and is a contributor to a number of educational e-book focusing on health and wellness. She is a prolific speaker and and has been invited to speak at many patient centered educational conferences where she strongly emphasizes patient awareness of lifestyle choices to improve chronic illness.

Dr Nischal has added certifications in Mindful Base Stress Reduction and Life Coaching to her resume in order to support her clients in her clinical practice. She has a passion for teaching her patients how to sustain a healthy life style balance.

Her personal wish, is for every person to understand that wellness is an ongoing journey that begins with a small lifestyle change that fosters progress and positive change in an area that is not working for you. She is a champion for empowerment because she understand that a successful wellness journey lies in the hands of the person , and she is there to support and guide them along the way.

Dr Anita Nischal


It’s the new year – we tell ourselves it is time to follow through with our resolutions, weight loss being the most popular desire of all. However I encourage a different frame of thinking. We should be shifting our focus to the way we interact with ourselves, and change the way we view “Healthy” because it is not just about weight loss but instead having more clarity and control regarding our individual well being.

Consider how you define health? Is health the absence of disease? The World Health Organization defines health as “A state of complete Physical, Mental and Social well-being.” In Ancient times, health was defined as the balance between a person’s environment, a healthy body and mind, as well as unity between Mind, Body, and Soul- this balance allows one to express a full range of one’s “unique” potential.

Now ask yourself how you can begin to personalize your healthcare and align with one of these definitions of health? My advice is to to increase awareness of the following:

let food be thy medicine

Consume a healthy balance of fresh whole foods, including more vegetables, moderate fruits, balanced whole grains, legumes, and fresh animal proteins – your main sources of fuel for the body are your macronutrients; Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins. To put it simply, avoid processed, genetically modified,  preservative filled, and high sugar foods.

Manage stress

Meditation is the key to calming your nervous system, healing old wounds, and building resilience to life’s inevitable stresses. You are capable of cultivating optimism, your brain has a superpower called neuroplasticity, this means you can rewire it and change your life at any time using tools like meditation. Managing stress helps your immune system, anxiety, and chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.


Prioritize regular and restful sleep of at least 6-8 hours. Inadequate sleep disrupts your body’s innate ability to balance itself, it weakens your immune system, affects your hormones, and causes chronic fatigue.

exercise / movement

Humans are not supposed to be sedentary beings. Our blood needs oxygen and our muscles need blood, so set some goals to move your body!  Physical balance improves flexibility, maintains weight, and optimizes cardiovascular health. Exercise is also beneficial for the mind, it promotes emotional well-being, calms anxiety, and reduces overall stress levels.